Security Lighting & Motion Detection

A relatively inexpensive way to protect your home or business, modern security lighting can be used as an indication that an intruder has entered your premises and also acts as an effective deterrent.

At 121 Security, we can install, commission and service all types of security lighting, including timer-controlled systems, dusk-till-dawn sensor systems and alarm sensor systems.

Despite being a relatively simple solution, security lighting can be at the forefront of the fight against burglars and criminals. Whether it's a simple flood lamp/PIR unit, or a combination of detector systems fitted around a protected area, we are able to provide a solution to suit your home, business or industrial premises.

Some systems also have a control pad installed within the protected area allowing you to override or switch on the lights manually, providing a visual and audible deterrent to a potential intruder.

security light with sensor

Unsure About Which Type of System is Right for You?

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